Keeping the area dry reply

Keep safety shoes dry any elbow room temperature since the middle of the base ingredients are made of leather. The skin will be lighter mushrooms if you put in a humid room, if safety shoes have mushroomed may soon collapse. Stored at the center has the intention that the rubber material in the lower sector of safety shoes are not damaged due to heating at the same temperature, for example in a place under the sun.

Cleaning and polishing shoes your safety

Cleaning shine routine safety shoes are also a major factor in the most absolute care for the safety of these shoes. If the shoes do not often you wash also be polished look shabby and dirty. You certainly do not want to take advantage of safety boots dirty and rundown to work otherwise. apart. Safety shoes would also collapse damaged if too long in slum conditions.

Wash with detergent Safety Shoes

Washing detergent that safety shoes with soft material. If you clean the shoes along with harsh detergents besifat so that the dye will fade shoes, therefore, the type of factors that can menyeabkan color fastness and shoes become uncomfortable to be exploited.

See safety shoes color

If the shoe has mushroomed most harmonious step in membersihkanya is to use special cleaning spray. Once sprayed overall in the mushrooming brush with a soft brush (sample toothbrushes). Do not be too harsh in menggosokanya so that the color does not fade shoes. After brushing also washed Jemurlah space is not always exposed to the sun. If you have a fan that kipasilah shoes together so long drying fan.

Wearing white toothpaste when shoes

If so wash your white shoes with soft dterjen answer. You can take advantage of toothpaste in the wash. Flatten also brush the shoe with a flat manner so that the skin is not damaged too durable.

Shoes Drying

Drying shoe facing the sun is not too hot, about 7 to 11 minutes. Because if the heat drying definitely exceeded many times will result in material damage to any metal from rubber safety shoes. Against the drying time, you do not forget them create a nuisance to put safety shoes. These factors are intended as a form of safety shoes do not switch or safety of leather shoes tangled lights tangled shape also because the water is too hot. Materials you can use a clean dry cloth disorder.

Other tips; Whenever safety shoes must be replaced

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