About Us

    PT. Putra Alam Teknologi was established on March 05, 2003 and located Cikarang Industrial Estate – Bekasi.

    As market leader and a official Distributor of Simon Safety Shoes.

    Developing the market, we have expanded branch office at Bandung, West Java.

    Our company is originally a trading company who later expanded the service to General Products due to the market needs and customer satisfaction to support our core business . Also a manufacturer in providing special need for precision parts as one stop shopping company, all for the sake of Customer Satisfaction.

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    Social Responsibility

    Simon Safety Shoes is socially responsible but we also offer our employees things that go beyond the provisions of the certification.

    Raw materials

    Simon Safety Shoes ensures the highest quality of raw materials and components because we manage all the procurement and ensure 100% quality control in our 7,000 m2 raw materials warehouse.


    Certain materials, such as quilt, are manufactured from scratch. Our Quilt is ultrasound welded which ensures a durable fabric of the highest quality.

    100% Quality Control

    Quality control has many phases. 100% quality control checks are performed several times along the way. Checks occur both during production and post-production.