Simon Safety Shoes, our safety boots are engineered with more than just safety in mind. They’re comfortable and stylish too. So workers won’t have to worry about dealing with uncomfortable shoes in a hazardous working environment. And they look smart too.

Our commitment to quality is what has earned us a global reputation for providing hardwearing reliability. It’s one of the reasons we export our safety footwear to Ghana and 18 other African countries.

For the past 20 years Ghana has gone from strength to strength. Their economy has grown 6% annually, and now they’re considered one of the most successful countries in Africa.

Agriculture is Ghana’s most important industry and accounts for half of the population’s jobs. They’re actually the world’s second largest cocoa bean producer and this brings in huge earnings annually. In addition to cocoa beans, Ghana’s main exports are shea nuts, palm oil, sugar, rubber and cashews.

Mining is another key industry in Ghana. In fact, they’re the second biggest gold producer in Africa. However foreign mining companies get most of these earnings, while the government gets as little as around 5% of the revenue. The discovery of new oil reserves in 2007 could further improve Ghana’s burgeoning economy.

With Ghana’s wide range of jobs in the industrial sectors, our comprehensive range has found a ready market. Our range of over 60 safety boots means Ghana’s workers will be able to select the right safety footwear for their industry. We’ve also made the selection process easier. Workers looking for safety boots in Ghana can choose from one of our four ranges – lightwear, heavywear, extremewear and paramilitary.

What’s more, we’ve split our range into two because we know that, with safety, one size does not fit all. Our Bova range is engineered to fit the contours of men’s feet, while our Sisi range is designed to fit women’s smaller, narrower feet.

Our range of safety boots are engineered to the highest Japanese Industrial Standard. They’re all ISO . We’re also constantly testing our products in our lab and have a zero tolerance of defects. It’s this attention to detail that has helped our reputation for quality spread globally.

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